Tuesday, January 03, 2012

On The Third Day

It’s January 3rd now.. and My First Entry of 2012! Why? because on on January 1st I was engaging in some other stuff. like sleep and phoning. Same as day two. The problem with that is, my phone line is being interrupted and or dropping.  I guess that’s due to high traffic regarding these events here in N.O.

I Didn’t Have church Sunday, nor did I attend one, although I wanted to, but i think they had overnight service.  The Church I’m referring to is AOC.  Speaking of that, My brother and I Had a conversation in reference to one of my Crazy Facebook Posts a few weeks back. A post that got folks upset, yet it was a theological study in my book.

About a week ago. I made reference to Genesis 1:26  “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”  and the Keywords are US and OUR,   Many question that part of the bible yet i think folks thought I was Crazy when I said that there are many folks Created in the Likeness of Lucifer as well.  

My Take was simply that that Maybe God was making reference to He and The Angels who were around him. Which included Lucifer. who was only at that time a Mischievous Angel. yet an Archangel of God. Therefore he may have had some influence on the traits of man prior to being kicked out of the Heavens. 

Someone else mentioned the proof of the Trinity. Yet there’s no “Trinity” in the bible, the term is not biblical. it’s only an ideological theory as based out of biblical references.  

My Brother Asked me to watch this Video  as we were discussing the  Matter, and well. I agree with the video whole heartedly. Watch and understand

After watching this, It’s like  well yeah..he could it could have been just God referring to himself in a plural sense. both my pastor and Brother have agreed on those theories prior to seeing this video. but to hear him speak on it with references. made it more factual.

Myself and brother got in to some critical discussions about many other things biblical and philosophical because of this we were on the phone for like an hour discussing crazy matters dealing with Church teachings, denominations, we even talked about  Oneness in and separation of self .. mind body, spirit and consciousness. to Aura’s and Halos… things that would blow folks minds. yet how they relate is so amazing.

Basically the conversation with my brother was WAY off from the discussion which started the convo. yet it all goes back to God as he existed.

Good Conversation…

Initially (going back to the Us & Our thing) …I shared my point while causing some backlash, yet it was good backlash because it led to a decent conversation with my brother as well as my pastor.

I’ll end this here though..Starting the year off right!..lol

I have so much to do in 2012.. WATCH ME DO IT!

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