Thursday, January 05, 2012

Seems Alright To Me.

I’m glad I wasn’t selected, maybe it was something i said, but If anything I hope I’m ineligible every time. Why? because I actually don’t want to decide the fate of another man. yet sometimes I feel like…… YEAH HE/SHE DUN IT!.. yet that’s not fair LOL

With that said… “Do” works.

I just started my bank account with a nearby bank. i put a reasonable amount of money in my debit card will be coming in a good 15 days, Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to those folks in the collections agency and begin to pay on it. i just hope they don’t call any time soon. This year i plan on decreasing that number.

Through God I Will and I AM going to get this thing right. All I need is a Job. where to find one… I’ll see. it will happen, give me till the end of February. If I isn't working’ I'm Hurting’ and I’m tired of hurting I’ll get to work… I got to get it.

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