Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Being enforced beyond street Performers

I’m glad to see that this noise ordinance is being enforced beyond the street performers, It shows that they’re serious about assuring that everyone in the quarters respects the community ordinance. Those groups include the street acts, clubs & other vendors,

This time on the news it was noted that a Bar was recently  issued a citation for a violation. and although this isn’t the first time it’s happened. It’s the first time the news had reported something in reference to the ordnance since the Brass Bands campaigned to Let the music play.

The Problem I find with that case is that they did not use a Decibel meter to measure the sound before issuing the citation. yet they did give a good reason to issue one to the bar. Simply, the officer could not hear their radios. That’s understood. My problem with that is, During any event with a lot of people on the streets, Human traffic in the quarters especially at this time of the year could also reach high enough level in decibels for an officer not to hear their own dispatch. or a train passing for that matter.

On Facebook I made a post saying that Mardi Gras should be canceled because it’s a violation of the ordinance. I said it in exaggeration to be funny but it’s true. I Honestly  Love the fact that theirs a committee in place that actually loves the music yet also wants to it the levels down. And Even though they’re residents of an area that will always be bound to noise. But they do have a right to speak up on behalf of their area.

Earlier Last Year when residence of the Quarters complained, My initial thought was that There are no residents on corridor of Bourbon & Canal and that music can not be heard in all those hotels.  Yet there are residents the further you go deep into the quarters. yet they knew what they were getting into when they moved there.

The Problem originally wasn’t only about the noise itself, but the fact that they brass bands were out playing into the other areas of the quarters during hours where it was normally quiet. so technically it made since. to protest on a residential part. In the Recent reports it  as I said in the beginning of the entry, this allows the public to know that they’re not just targeting the brass bands and that the people just really want everybody to keep Their Music Within the confinements of their facility.

Honestly, you can stand by a club on bourbon and hear every bit of music from multiple places,yet you can still hold a conversation with the person next to you without having to yell over the music. Now that Mardi Gras is here those violations are going to be all over the place ..lol

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