Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Things on my mind.

So first you come by me to get the DVD, now you rushing me to complete yours? and when I do it you’re mad because you can’t change the menu? well hey you wanted all of that on the disc. that’s your problem. then it’s in low quality at that.  Why? because the fool rushed me, he wanted it too fast. Dude thinks he’s the man. Boy when that school closes he’s gonna be out of luck.

I’m glad the volume was low. Not only does it show them that I can’t be there to do everything for the,  it teaches me that I don’t need to do anything for them fools. because at the end of the day, I’m being used. and then left out.

On to some other stuff.

While At this basketball game I was at the event talking to some of wright’s band members, these cats got disrespectful with the ribbing so I just didn’t say much afterwards, but hey I got their pics anyway.  The Truth of the matter is this though. Maybe if I Keep my Distance from them. these cats will respect me more. I see the same thing with The Fool and what he does with his kids. It’s no level or respect on their parts because the first thing they do is start ribbin’ and telling their kids to rib..  Stupid but that’s what they do.

I Honestly don’t blog as much because of the distractions. and I'm slightly moving away from them. Leaving one to games and the other for small talk. Tweeting is crazy because its social micro blogging. not everybody has a blogger. not everybody’s going to read a blog. so I’m glad I do have it.

I’ll be doing these shirt designs for Trish. it’s not really a design I’m just stamping some stuff on a shirt template nothing to big. I’m glad its appreciated. Speaking of dancers, I got to give a shout out to them Chicks from SU who danced along side Madonna at the bowl. The Fruitbooties on bandhead.org are going nuts because of it..

Lastly I just think folks gotta wake up.. really.

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