Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Had a Decent Mardi Gras

It’s crazy, I Started my day by making it on scene at about 11. I needed to get in my comfort zone so i pulled out the cam and started snapping. I saw alot of folks from My old hood, folks I marched with in High School, as well as those before my time. I even saw folks I marched with at Texas Southern with their bands in Zulu.

It was the first time in a long time that I’ve pulled out the cam at a parade I’ve got a lot of band pics and their directors  although this isn’t the first time it’s happened… The folks in the crowd kept wondering How did the folks in these bands know me. lol Great feeling LOL! “LEGEND!*

I saw my Cousin Kev After Dee-1 got off stage I told him last night that I’d Perpetrate with my 2 Cent TV Shirt. When he saw me with it on he gave me a Pin. I Facebooked it. While walking around I talked to a Pro Photographer. Although I’ve seen the guy at many events, it was my first time really talking to him when I'm not in the zone. Dude told me to keep pushing but tat i need alot of work (as in on my form) .. we talked for a long time, I won’t mention it here. but the man gave me some tips for the future and I respect him for it. I told him I appreciate it too, That was one of the things that made my Mardi Gras good.

I think there was gunfire that caused everybody to run like nuts, I just moved over to the side and let them run after i was nearly run over. lol I was talking to Dell from the K and i was like Whoa! so I let them run, The DJ on stage was like “Where’s everybody running too” …. by the time i got back to where my folks were They were GONE.. so I hopped in the car with somebody and headed to the Bar. lthen I went home from there because i don’t Dwell in bars ..yep.. but my day was Off the chain! lol

There’s so much more i need to Blog / Rant About regarding things like the mishaps of parade season 2012… i’ll do that soon.

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