Friday, February 17, 2012

Man, Everything Hurts

Yesterday I walked The Route & Beyond basically. I Walked Normally to the bridge area as always but this time Like a dummy I passed the bridge up and kept walking. Not up St. Charles just on some random Site street. I walked to the beginning of the parade route to the end and between all of that My Legs, Back and ALL THAT started to hurt.. Standing the whole time made it no better.

While Walking back from Napoleon, I realized that I could have caught the bus back to where I needed to be. Instead I down up Magazine street til I hit St Mary’s Street and Sophie Wright.. from there I made it to Camp street and Kept moving. I stopped at a couple of stores on the way back. lol  I made it to where I Need to be and I Met this Cat who I had originally seen in his car who asked me was it my first Mardi Gras.. I was like NAH I BEEN DOING THIS MAN!

Well yeah I met him when I came back… I also saw some folks from my old neighborhood. the Mother of my sisters friend.  I tried to stay in one spot for the remainder of that event. That really “Didn’t” happen because I ended up slightly walking with every band that passed toward the end of the route.

At the end of these parades I had a hard time making it home. No Buses were running. I had to hop on a street car to a bus that was  going to New Orleans east. which passes on my street. yet NOWHERE NEAR MY HOUSE.  Just imagine walking from Dillard University to UNO… AFTER Walking from Napoleon to Camp Street… and after walking from Tchoupitoulas & Canal To The Iberville Projects THEN hopping on the street car .. .. That basically was my night…  I stopped like Twice. My legs are still killing me. .. Yet tonight I walk …With my old Elementary School. I hope I make it through The Night LOL!

I gotta realize that I aint 17 anymore LOL! 27 and nearly 300 Pounds man. It aint no Joke Walking for all them Hours. was on my feet from 3pm until 2am.  On top of that my Phone was dead..

All for the sake of Community service.

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