Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Dislike being Discouraged

In regard to the fact that I like to do video and photography, I realize that people even in my family tend to say stupid things about me toating my cameras around or taking pictures. It makes me pretty upset, but I don’t say anything to them about it.

Nearly every time i leave the house with my cameras, I’m asked to Not take pics of the Same people Over and over. What they don’t understand is that I’m commonly around the same people when I’m in common places, and They usually are the ones who want their pictures taken.

There’s also when I’m recording, I asked Why do I need to record everything, My Dad is under the impression that I’m doing this for other people when clearly I’m not. He usually is like “ I can’t do what you do, When I go places I dont have to take pictures ( or record) because I can remember, that’s what we have a mind for.’ that’s seriously what he says every now and then. They also always assume that Folks would try to steal my equipment. Crazy Right?

No Doubt, I do bring my cameras everywhere. But I have a reason for it. You never know what you’re going to come across that may be worthy of being shot. There’s something else I wanted to say but I forgot what It was… But anyway. those things make me upset and it makes me not want to have my camera with me when I’m around my family sometimes.

The Crazy part is, They all like to tell me what I Should when it comes to Selling, and then They try to tell me what I CANT DO because I don’t have a business.. I’m Like Technically  IT IS IS MY BUSINESS!

I think 2012 is gonna be the year I Make It Happen!.. WATCH ME SUCCEED!

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