Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Entry

Haven’t said anything here since Ash Wednesday. This means that I must stop Tweeting  / Facebooking my thoughts.

Recently I Joined Foursquare, really didn’t need to though. I May be going somewhere today or tomorrow with Bruce regarding some Artwork. I’ll probably put that on foursquare.

Speaking of Artwork, this brings me to to my Photography Talk with K. Blakes. I needed that Conversation. I’m learning too.

I have to start doing things right man, I lacked this February. I must make March Magnificent. I’ve been successful at Procrastination. I hope I fail at it this Month.. lol.  I recently got an invoice from Those folks. I’m glad i got that stuff straight. I hope to make it work out properly for the next 2 years.

I’ve been doing nothing important. Playing Games, Watching Wrestling and Ignoring stupid people. That’s the best I could do.

I may have to share more of my Mardi Gras pics here. as for now. they’re all on facebook The Link’s at the top of the blog if you really want to see. it’s on my BMC page.. I’ll be back later.

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