Monday, March 26, 2012

Got My Ink

Now I can Print all the pictures I need. I think I’m going to Print More than what I told them I would, just because I told them I would. because printing them ALL would be too much. It’s About That Time I get to Working on it too. I’ll likely Print 50 a piece just to be on the safe side. lol.

Funny How Running Across People in the store could be so great. in a since one was embarrassing.  I was with my Folks at he Walmart yesterday and prior to us leaving, my mom  stopped by the hair care isle.  Randomly Chelsea, not Chelsea S. but Chelsea D.  We’re talking and I’m standing by the basket which has feminine products in it LOL . then my dad comes between us and said “Bandhead Convention Center Huh?!”  with a smile on his face..Ahhh! now THAT was  embarrassing. 

The Irony of me seeing her is that I had watched a video posted on her page a few days ago. She thought I forgot who she was…lol.. She was telling me about Issues regarding her being part of a dance team as well as trying assisting with a high school. I told her I didn’t see any openings for that but if I do I’d let her know.

I Ran Across Bruster in Walmart. dude lives on the opposite side of the river I thought I’d see him on that side if anything LOL. but it was cool to come across them. I also saw a a cat from SU 92  i met during the B Franklin band/funeral events.. Random Bandhead sightings on a day out. .. crazy.

All in All, I got My Inc. now i can begin printing!

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