Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Took A Race Test At Project Implicit

After hearing about this on NBC  during the discussion of Race as it related to The Trayvon Martin Murder case. and beyond.  A commentator on the show challenged viewers to take the Race test at “Project Implicit”   because it’s a guaranteed eye opener in a sense of how we view races.

And after seeing my results for the Tests Below. I can say that it’s Interestingly  Eye opening. The test is simple, It’s like match making, but everything is calculated based on response time. and the faster you respond to the choices basically represents how strongly you feel about the images placed before you at the moment.

Here are my results


These results were the outcome of my response time when the African American Images were shown. as compared to the European-American images being shown.

The Image says  that have a Strong automatic preference toward Black folks. This is truth and  It’s not surprising at all because I’m black. I’m around black people more than often and I feel more comfortable around people who look like me. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with any other race, because I’m always on Edge when I’m around people I don’t know personally in general. 

It Also Tells that although, race is not in the forefront of my mind while making decisions.   I’m still more likely to chose or support an African American over any other race in any contest or election.  It seems an unnatural, like a  subliminal thought process based on The things I was either taught or have learned in the past and of My Race’s past.  I guess it’s Triggered at the very moment of Interaction.

That Quiz … It’s Interesting.. I’ll end this here

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