Thursday, March 22, 2012

I’m not here to take your picture.

Usually when I’m out taking pic’s at these events. I’m taking pictures of people who want their picture taken. If Not.  I ask folks if they wanted their pics taken, if they don’t want them taken it’s fine with me, because then i know who not to take pics of. Other times I’m taking  Scenery shots. Which lead To This….

came thru the door and walked up the isle. when they saiI pointed my cam the in an Open area after walking in the door,  The girl standing nearest was says something like " OOOH Stop with That Camera S###” or something like that.. so as she moved over I was like, what you don’t want your pic taken.. she just looked off and was like “NO! F%&^!” … so i just shook my head and walked off.

So Every time I pass up her Area with the camera Snapping pics she had something to say “Here he go blinding people with that S%#t”   .and .she was also talking among people telling them some dumb just in reference to me taking pics. Please note; This girl wanted me to take pics for her graduation party. but I didn’t  do it because Her Mom didn’t want to pay up.  I showed up and  she told me she didn’t need me, so I didn’t stay. 

With that said though. I don’t understand why the chick she has to act like that, We grew up in the same area, she’s related to my brother in law, but I don’t Know her anyway.  and If she doesn’t want her picture taken all she needs to do is get out of my way.  If you don’t want me to take a pic of you EVER, all you have to do it let me know. Don’t make loud outburst while I'm snapping pics..   Be rude all you want, when you need me, PAY ME MY! $175 Better yet. $225, because I’m going up on you boys!.

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