Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Throwback Sesame Street Moment

A whole lot of this footage was recurring over the years. and I’ve seem much of it in my childhood. Sesame Street isn’t don’t like this anymore.

Some of it even gave me chills just listening to the songs. from the Intro Til The End. It was my Childhood. I honestly may have watched sesame street till I was 10 on Average. lol Truthfully.  The only difference in my time was that they had “Newer” footage. Otherwise much of that was also played in the Electric Company which Aired Reruns when I was young.

You know what's crazy.. There were also those shows like Square One, Reading Rainbow. Shining Time Station I’d watch Back to Back.

There were also Shows like 123 Contact, Kid Songz & Slim Goodbody that came on in the early 90’s that seemed to have gotten forgotten about…

and then there was NOVA! lol yeah man.. I just had  one of them moments.. I’m OLD! lol

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