Friday, March 09, 2012

Here We Go Again

Well, Not really, In Actually This particular entry means nothing. I really haven’t found a basis to write in this time. I think maybe because I’ve been saying too much and not doing enough in the year of “Do”  Yes I’m on a decline and I know where I am. I just need to Apply and Apply and Apply. Next Week  Is the 3rd Week of March. That needs to be the week I’m out of here.

Honestly, I need serious Motivation. I had a dream I knocked out one of the folks that are keeping me down. and I felt good about it. I also asked God to forgive me if I'm wrong. because those are negative thoughts. But it may be a sign that I must leave that person out of my business.

It’s Pretty Much sad that I can’t get away from the cat. It’s stupid to me.
I’ve got other things to do.When I Embark on $1500 it’s going Directly to collections. really. I now Owe Less, Yet the number is big an I’m glad. that it’s less. I’m also glad that there’s no Interest on this even, When I start working. That alone will be My Battle, I shall make it my duty to work it down. I just hope I can find a decent place to work. I’ll even tell them the reason I seriously need it. as a Man who hasn’t worked in 5 years, I feel as though I have to state my issues. I have to live for me. not anyone else. I will Succeed!

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