Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Why’d This Dude Come Here?

So He Showed up here unannounced and my brother let him in. this was maybe 15 minutes after i got home. the dude was acting like a pure child, asking me why I didn’t answer my phone, Badmouthing me in front of folks and Farting like its funny man I was mad the dude was here... The dude’s just dumb. Why are you showing up at my house unannounced?

on top of that, My little brother just Joined in with him adding more to the fire unknowingly by telling them what goes on in our household as if it was cool, Telling The Fool Those things and he just thought it was funny. What My brother he doesn’t realize i was upset because he dude Lied to me and then at the end of it all comes over here talking about it was all a joke. I knew that stupid. I just didn’t want to be bothered with you because of it.

I don’t have time for all that. Because of him. I turned down an offer that he tried to make for me through someone else. I told the chick that i couldn’t make it basically. He thought it was dumb but I told the fool dawg You live on that side of the river I can’t depend on you to get me places when you act like a booty when I ask for stuff.. Yet he came here for freebies.. smh.. Yeah i made the CD he wanted but the fool thinks it’s cool to lie. That’s why I don’t fool with him much. I’m just going to let things ride and do my own thing.

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