Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday Randomness

Although I don’t really want to do it, I Think I may go with the Dynamic Style.i love my custom style theme, but I believe that for the true reader looking for a semi-professional Blog to read, It’s very much appealing to Have the New Dynamic Style. Broader audiences way want to see dark letters on a brighter screen.

I Randomly Joined Foursquare although I really won’t need it and I think the android app is crappy. With that said though, I also believe that Samsung's Device Cheats me out of space by having certain apps Irremovable. Sucks man.

Scrobbling Music is fun on I love that site. Keeps my PC on music at all times because of it.  cool service. I may have to scrobble more from Grooveshark though being that that particular service isn’t free.

I also Downloaded Hulu Plus on my Wii and it’s pretty neat, My problem is that It buffers and that I sure won’t pay for it. Hulu should offer the free version as well to these systems. Xbox and PS2 are doing beyond what Wii can. I only truly have the Wii for Zelda and the Classics. I have other games but all of them aren’t worthy of my time. 

I’ve also been using Club Nintendo to get points. I need 10 More to download some new game they have but I doubt that’ll happen in time. smh lol

The Other day I Uninstalled AVG Internet Security from my because I'm having problems with my MTS files beyond 132MB in my videowave program which is installed on my Windows 7 PC. Videowave tends to hang on me often. It also wont read the files properly. I may have to do a clean install of Roxio again because of it.

I’ll be Going Out Job Hunting in the upcoming week. and If I don’t Shame on me. I really need a job soon or else I won’t have a bank account or anything. Time is on my side because the Time is Mine. I have to make that happen soon. Hopefully I’m working before this month ends.

I really want to be in Texas though. Motion tryouts are soon and I have a feeling I won’t be there. That’s the better place to be though. I talked to my mom today (yesterday) regarding out life in Texas and how prosperous it seemed to be. Yet there are programs like the ones I was on Here in N.O. yet i find that N.O' is of no convenience to me  when regarding places of work and my travels.. That’ll get fixed soon.

There are things I said I was going to do in January that would take place in February, I didn’t do them. I need to fix that before Procrastination brings all of that into April.  God Willing I  Shall Succeed in 2012

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