Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It Consumes Them

I think it’s pretty stupid that I Phone & Twitter users have a problem with  Instagram simply because they added an Android app then was sold to facebook. I’ve read somewhere that one I phone user said they felt like instagram belonged to a special club being that it wasn’t open to everyone.  What she doesn’t realize is that Instagram was always open to the public for free.

The Thing is, folks tend to think they’re superior because they use certain products or have something that others may not have. Instagram is a photo editor and host, there are many of them out there. Instagram being more popular than the rest because folks began to use it as they would with any other Photo Host that allowed them to share via twitter.  

Folks were asking Why Didn’t Twitter Buy the service. SMH. TWITTER is a text based platform, you can’t upload pics Directly to twitter, even with the few pics twitter does host,  They’re temporarily stored on PHOTOBUCKET.  Instagram is like Twitpic and Lockers with Picnic Included. I don’t use none of those services because I have my own photo editors on my PC and I don’t have time for mobile editing.

Facebook Bought Instagram to compete with Google Plus’ editing features on a larger scale. But the consumer does not understand that. they just use, use, use without truly understanding that they’re the ones being consumed by their own cognitive biasness. It’s like that with everything, Phones, Apps for phones and web,  Social networking. It’s just a big circle of stupidity going on.

Somebody thought Facebook was lame because The Application said “facebook is down” ..Meaning the facebook APP, but the person captioned it “and this is why I moved to twitter” … These are the same users who want Twitter to add Photo’s and Allow more blogging. space. All I have to say to it is, Them fools need to Go back to MySpace because it had all they wanted originally. LOL

We all have brand loyalty issues. but some folks are selfish and want to Consume all they can while boasting  about how others are inferior to them because they don’t have or chose not to have what they have.  at the end of the day, look at yourself and ask are you the consumer or  are you the one being consumed?

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