Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today It Comes!

My Flash,  comes today, I’m awaiting it now as fedex delivers.
I Just got through with my cousin’s pictures I gotta tell her to come get them.
I’ve been looking into some things that may help me out in the near future. But First I must talk about my Easter. .. I was out with the folks of N Phi O and all that jazz. … yeah that’s basically It.

I just re-downloaded spotify
I think folks are going nuts over internet applications. IE. Instagram  made IPhone users upset when they introduced the android app. It also made Twitter folks mad because they were acquired by facebook. 

Consumers get mad about dumb things.. I may have to do a full blog on that subject. Just not now.

It’s so much that I should Blog more about but I never do. and then I forget. I gotta make it my habit to blog more than facebook. it’s the better way!

AHHH!. I’lll Be Back..I got some photo work to get to.

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