Thursday, April 26, 2012

That’s The Thing I don’t Get

My Older brother is quick to jump to a conclusion of what the outcome of other folks life will be . The thing is. My little brother wants to go to school for a Music Production, but my Older brother feels that it’s not going to work and that he needs a Job to support himself. Which yeah he will. but the Issue is that He’s still going to be in school. He CAN get a job to support himself. But that’s still beside the point.

My Older brother has already Discouraged My Little Brother on his endeavors. to the point where he’s upset.  I understand where my little brother wants to take his future. He want’s to do Music Production. what my older brother assumes is that he wants to Play with a computer and make beats and that it won’t make him any money… smh..

The Thing  My Older doesn’t seem to understand  is that  having some form of collegiate education no mater what the field of study is, will  work for the better on my Little brothers behalf.. I won’t sit here and say “Don’t go to school for that because you’re not gonna make money” .. see my older brother just says Get a Job, and support yourself, move up on the job until you get more money… THAT does not work for everyone. LOL.. Education will…The Dude feels that if it’s not Hard labor It ain’t working.

All I could tell my lil brother is … DON’T BE DISCOURAGED! because I’ve been There and I’m Still in a position where I feel like I can’t do anything myself.  I just hope my little brother can learn to Control His own life unlike myself. … When I get there It’ll work for me though….We just got to go out there and get it.

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