Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Thoughts #2 Among Other things

These are From Twitter. and this time will likely include my Music Listings. as well .  ‘ll link some of the songs youtube if they’re there. but Here we go

I'm only motivated by that which is good. never by hate... Being motivated by haters, you're bound to do something hateful LOL!

And It’s True, Haters Generate Hate, I don’t want to be a hater. I’m not Motivated by Haters, I for one refuse to have enemies. why? because I love them equally.

They say beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, yet, The mind of the Beholder has been mislead regarding the perception of what beauty.is.

Where’s the Fun Part?



Information allows us to expand our knowledge beyond the range of our senses


to announce that you're Educated" in your bio makes you look dumb i'm gonna put uneducated in my bio to see if folks realize it.

I Didn’t really do it. I actually had a conversation about it being meaningful to have “educated” in your bio. I also showed an example of how it makes a person seem.  of course as my friend Ashley said. There’s nothing wrong with having it as a quality.  yet I still feel that a person who makes it their duty to say “I have an education”  just makes everyone around them seem like they don’t have one. lol

I'm about to take myself out of the loop..Gotta step away from the Past and step in to the Future. In all seriousness I've been dealing with Bands since 1996 like for real. gotta step away.

Those were 3 tweets in one

Aight That’s all for now ya…

What I’ Love Last.FM

  • Nao Vou Fugir by Ive Mendes – Great Tune
  • Golden Boys by Res  - Great tune, I heard this one one of those "Extra” Stations a few years back and well.. it’s nice that’s all i can say.
  • Ain't No Mountain by Diana Ross  - Ms Tate used to play it all the time.
  • Shotgun Joe by ReBirth Brass Band
  • Storm Music by Gil Scott-Heron
  • Dance With Me by Earl Klugh
  • When I Think of You by Janet Jackson
  • Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock
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