Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I’m Glad that it wasn’t much of a conversation

But on the real, this is how things went down. I’ve blogged in the past about how this girl has added me as a friend multiple times on on multiple social networks. on facebook she asked like 5 times to be placed as my “sister” on the site. so I just say “OK” its not like it’s seen by the people anyway.

So Today, I get this message. The sad part is Last year T told me that that girl liked me and I believed him because of how she Is. Yet that dude is too stupid and likes to throw my name in to things with people i have no interest in whatsoever,

As I''ve stated before, she’s added me under multiple accounts, tagging pictures over and over with Different names. I’ve blogged about it before. Yet today after creating a new account. she tells me this.. and I’m like OKAY…  yet I'm Silently screaming  in horror on the inside LOL!

Here was our most recent conversations and how it went.

April. 17

HER: hey josh
: Sup
HER: can i add you as a brother again
:  yeah
ME: What Happened to your Other Account?

HER: i dont even go on that one
:  ook
HER: I Just sent It  to you.

May 5

HER: hey josh
:  What’s Up!

May 7

HER: hey josh
:  sup
HER: you still go with that girl
: no

HER: oh ok

TODAY’s convo

HER: hey josh
: sup

HER: i have too tell you something
: ok  
HER: i know i should have say something a long time ago but im interested in you what you think about that
: oh that's new to me. wow.
HER: i know and i know you a little surprised at it so its up too you want you want too do
: well, i can't put myself in a relationship now.
HER: ok cool i understand


With that said. I knew it was coming sooner or later  and of course i lied about it being new to me, but of course i didn’t know what to say.

Also. When she initially asked me about about “That Girl” I was like WHO? in my mind. then I remembered that on facebook a while back, me and B was playing around with our relationship statuses.

With that said.. This girl used to mess with one of my boys who was in the band in HS with us, Not only that. I’m NOT interested in her at all.  yet she Follows me like a lamb on these sites and groups asking questions and things and I’m like AHHH! lol because i knew..

It’s hard to turn folks down but I can’t see myself trying to be with that chick for obvious reasons which i can’t explain here honestly.

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