Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yesterday I was out in St. Rose, La

We ended up at a real nice place that reminded me of the Back House on fresh Prince But yeah. This was a gathering thrown by one of the bosses of my brother’s job. They were great people. The guy and his wife opened us up to everything. The place they lived in was nice, The Food was good. And Although I didn’t Swim , The Pool was nice.

His wife Laurie showed us Pics of her Daughter with her Adopted Son who plays for Texas A&M. That’s great stuff. I hope the guy makes it all the way to the big League.
I should have brought my Camera & my trunks.  Overall I had a good time. Grubbin’ It up, Yep!

St. Rose seems to be a happy go lucky place. I wouldn’t mind living out in that area.

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