Friday, June 08, 2012

Gotta Make some Changes

Aight, Looks like things are on the downside in my household regarding finances. I just gave up a good bit of change to help out with this $1000 rent. With that said, It’s time to step my game up.  I’ve been lagging for too long and the world’s passing me by.
At This Point I gotta work to make 2 things happen.  One is to pay Bills 2 Is to Move Forward with my life.

Hopefully Wal-Mart Will Hire me Cause That’s where I plan on putting an application in.
Either there are Petsmart of something. I gotta Look In to that.

With That Said.  I’m Printing Pics. They look good. but the fool doesn’t realize that what he wants for these kids is worth more than what I accepted. so what He’s getting as a limited package for all these kids.

It would have been different if I asked this dude 30 per package.  but I’m good because what he’s getting’ I got already.

Watch Me Succeed!.

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