Friday, June 22, 2012

Hooking Things Up!

Yesterday I took a walk to Strip Mall in Gentilly where the Payless & Family Dollar are. I was with my mom. The first thing she did was walk into a woman’s clothing store. I was like AHHH! WHY!?! lol We went to the Dollar store Afterward I saw my boy Courtney from Phillips Jr, High. hadn’t seen that guy in a while.

But when we first made it in. I realized how Hood that store is. There are both food items and general household things in the store. so people were shopping. Yet there was this one “Regular customer” yelling across the store “WHERE DA RICE AT!?” and talking loudly . So Unprofessional. but that’s how they roll  Crazy to me.

The Above Photo

It’s something I had taken after coming back to the store and decided to make it my Profile cover. real nice image. Folks say It looks lie a booking photo but hey that’s me LOL! I have another where I took a picture of my shadow.  Gotta find something to do with the mobile devices. Facebook no longer works on my android tablet.

Among Other Things

Thinks Keep Happening and There are more murders in this city. It’s crazy. Like a beast. a demon. It’s crazy!

I find it funny that when Twitter went down folks went crazy. I just hope they have access to all their Twitter pictures if it goes out for good. because Just as I’ve said in the past. and recently discussed with Qui. Twitter Pictures are being stored elsewhere online.  for example. If you search your name, you’ll find pics you uploaded.  Or whoever had that name before you updated. That’s just how Private Twitter is. The sad part is. Facebook is more private because everything on Facebook is ON FACEBOOK. ya know.  yet folks complain that their “FRIENDS” can see their stuff. Backwards.. Twitter. The WORLD sees. lol

I’m out

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