Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back from The ER

Yesterday 7/11  I checked in to the ER at University Hospital. That was an Experience.
I checked in at about 4:30 pm after a morning of trying figure out what I wanted to do with myself.  That morning I had been up all night and I called Daughters of Charity to make an appointment. She said the next was in August 10. I told her that I couldn’t wait that long and I explained my Issue.. The Receptionist felt that I need head to the ER.  So I took a bath then called my oldest sister to bring me.  she said she’d come get me when she’ gets out of bed, maybe 4 hours later I got a call back from her  asking if I still wanted to go. I said No I’ll go in the morning because I didn’t sleep the night before..

So I went back to bed only to get another phone call from her saying that she talked to my other sister and my mom about my situation. suddenly I got a phone call from my Other sister who asked my why didn’t anyone bring me.. I told her that’s what I called our older sister for.  Then she asked well why didn’t I just go/ I told her that I didn’t get any sleep… she was going off on me yelling because she was like “I don’t want you to die” basically.. She felt I should go .She asked what do I want to do. Go to sleep or the hospital “because if u feel that your sleep is worth more, that’s on you because I cant take you in the morning” .. I said .. Well I’m going to go go … Please note I was already in panic mode about how I was feeling, she made it worse my yelling at me lol…

I talked to my sister about what I was feeling.while we were on the way there. She explained to me that those are signs of Heart Attacks, kidney failure (and all that other stuff that I had already had an idea of)  She dropped me off, I entered the place. was signed in and had my Blood Pressure taken. it was 200/90… it was probably 5pm Then I sat and waited till I was called.  

Some time Later, My older brother called me up..  and what I explained to him what I was feeling He had his own Diagnosis  “You might have diabetes cause that the kind of stuff diabetics go thru” ..    That stuff had me worried more because Prior to Going.. EARLY that morning was a Marketing phone call that mentioned Diabetes I HUNG UP SO FAST and took my bath.. smh

But anyway, I Let him talk and we hung up.. yeah I was worried. My parents came in to see me. around 12 pm. I was still in the waiting room, They gave me some Popeye's potatoes cause I didn’t have lose change to get anything out of the machine all day and I was hungry.  I also didn’t want to get anything from there cause they didn’t have anything I liked; which I ate something anyway later because I needed something in my system.  I had a water Early that day, and with the Potatoes I had an Apple Juice.    some time in the AM I had some Sunbeam Trail mix cookies   The Irony is that It had HIGH SODIUM in then. after waiting 4 more hours I was finally called up!


I went on to have my Blood Pressure checked again. it was Still high, yet lower than 200/90 … After seeing some doctors I was given a pressure pill and an ibuprofen. and into a bed where hour upon hour my pressure was lower and lower.  But they also stated that the effects of the pill hadn’t kicked in so while I was Relaxing my pressure got lower.

Be all end all after telling the Dr’s about my issues. I was  told that I’d need a CT scan on my upper back to truly understand what’s going on with my arm numbness. The crazy thing is .. while there, my arm was not numb at all. but now.. YES. smh.

Other than that, I’m in good health, My Blood is fine, My Heart and Kidney’s are fine my pressure is low  and I’m happy.. although this  arm thing is still there and couldn’t be properly diagnosed today, I believe that it’s all a nerve thing and stress on my upper back..  They gave me something that I need to look up. I’ll do that  tomorrow.. I have other appointments and things I need to take care of as well.. like getting my prescription filled..

When I Got home I went clean to bed! .. POW!

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