Thursday, July 12, 2012

While in The Hospital there were some Interesting Characters

While In there I thought to myself that There are some crazy things that go on in the world.. of course its common to have  Trauma Patients come in. But  most of these folks were just waiting in the ER room

There was a Daughter and her mom Talking for hours and hours about family and Facebook drama. it was so funny that Me and the guy behind them were laughing. even when they were at the most serious moment.

There  was a guy who would get up Time to time because his nerves was bad, every time a name was called he would be like “I feel like punching da F out of him (a dr) for calling the same names, when they gon call my name” … he was finally called in the late  PM hours.

There was an Iranian family where there was a boy and his parents.. The boys mom fell asleep on the floor in the elevator room. It was funny because the police went to get her up. they may have thought she went out cold LOL!.

There was a woman who was pretty much into everything, VERY talkative she had many questions and answers it was kind of annoying. but it was funny. when a receptionist  came to give an orientation of Room usage and what goes on there.. The woman KEPT interrupting  example:  The receptionist said “If you’re in a wheelchair and can walk., we may need that chair for someone who cant” .. The woman then raised her hand and said “I CAN WALK” .. lol .. then when names were called she’d repeat them ..LOL! AH! it was funny.. I wanted to take her pic with the cam because her Purse read “Green is the New Black” .. she was a white woman LOL!

WHILE IN THE BED THOUGH!..  there was a guy across the room who fractured his back in a car crash with 5 others. one person was ejected from the car, but they all went to different hospitals.    well. turns out the guy had pain in different places but he was being comical about it..

There was a point where he had a cavity check  to see if anything was wrong with his spine from the lower area ..He was so joked out about it yet he did feel the pain.. His back was fractured  in multiple spots.  crazy right.. but they enjoyed him. which was

A hospital is a crazy environment I tell you that much

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