Monday, August 13, 2012

Casey Jones Movie was Decent.

imageI just got through watching The Casey Jones Movie and one thing i can say is that It was a cool Short film. I wish it was longer. but I think it served its total purpose. It would also be nice if there was a Casey Jones Miniseries with the same guys. There were a few things I didn’t like but overall the movie was great.

It was pretty much a film for the TMNT fans who grew up watching the original cartoon series which featured Casey Jones for a time being. It had that Batman like Dark Element and also captured April O'Neil's character head on. Everything from Michelangelo's to the Foot Soldiers (or Foot Nina’s) were a great adaptation. What I didn’t like were the Teeth of The Michelangelo Costume being visible, otherwise That was also a head on representation.  I loved it. and would like to see more.

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