Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I’m Working on

I’ve been working on my x4 Skills creating new logos for myself as well as coming up with new Names to Run with. here are the latest for myself and some recently for a few others


But first I got to Rep. We’re supposed to be getting shirts done with this emblem I created in honor of my Jr High School which is no longer around.  This Image is similar to our original Gym Shirts.  which only changed in style of shirt since its existence.

This Big Difference is that there was “Phys. Ed. Written at the bottom beside a ribbon which was under the Viking head.


On to The Others .. There’s a simple Graphic which was created for the use by the church. 2grace

Although I have already had some variations My Book Logos. These are the latest editions.

2nd Most Recent


This one is basically the same. a tad bit older.
The Name “Book” is below, just in Black with no Outline.


A Newer Version of the Old one without my real name on it


The One I’ve been using Mostly as of late  in Black & White



Here’s one of the FIRST I dug up! .lol


Here’s one I did for Garrett  he probably won’t use it though.cause he has a better one being made by someone else

da1 (1)

This one Here is for Another It’s for Ron Stoppable  otherwise known as Dechaun
He’s A Member of Phi Beta Sigma But he didn’t want me to make the letters Greek.
And It came out Nicer than I thought!ronstop

Lastly, Here’s My Latest Edition of a personal logo

No Doubt the Splash of Goo in the back won’t be part of it permanently but I think I did a bang up job! lol

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