Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Gotta start making this happen Right

For the past week now I’ve been feeling the Pressure from the strain on my back and leg. I know what it is, but I’ve been trying to avoid the pain. Also That sensation in my left arm is creeping. I checked my BP and it’s 143/88 It’s not supposed to be there. so what I got to do is Slack up on everything man.

Yesterday I ate Big. with like 4 Hot dogs with cheese, that was less than 24 Hours ago,. I got less than 5Hours of sleep and I’ve been up since 8am. I need to head back to sleep Days before I had multiple bags of potato chips, Pizza Rolls and single tombstone Pizzas  prior to eating a real meal.  I gotta skip all that snacking. and eat right.  Either once or None. It’s time to say No. cause Having a Blood Pressure over 140/80 isn't cool. 

Everyday I’m learning something new about my own body. and of course i already know that i’ll have to have surgery. now it’s all about getting these tests done then putting my future back in in perspective.

Gotta Live!

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