Friday, August 03, 2012

I think its pretty stupid that all they care about is her hair

Although I haven’t been paying any attention to the Olympic Games this year. I’ve seen the craze about Gabby Douglass and here Greatness.  She’s done A Superior Job for America.  But ever since someone made an on air comment regarding her hair. It’s sparked a Chain reaction of Similar negative commentary.

Facebook and Twitter , blogs, pundits.. Everyone’s talking about her Wins, yet It’s all being Overshadowed with negative comments about her hair. The wild part is that  NOTHING IS WRONG WITH HER HAIR!. and of all people it’s shameful that Black people are Walking around High and Mighty and have No Gold Under their belt but they’re talking about her hair.

The same folks saying this are Out of shape and wearing wigs  and are perming their hair To defend themselves. From what I’ve seen on pictures This girl  Gabby Douglas  Has had her hair in a Bun or Ponytail  to the Back which is reasonable fashion so her hair won’t get in her eyes  while she’s performing. Folks who don’t do Dance or acrobatics  or any active sport don’t commonly thing of that as being part of the reason she wear her hair that way. aside from that it’s her choice!.

It’s pretty much messed up that black folks tend to See the Natural hair and they go nuts  I take it that those kind of people are mislead to believe that straight hair is great hair. Th Yet there’s this Big  fad that folks are cutting their hair bald and growing afros as their way of going going natural.  That’s not the Only way to sport  Natural hair.

I Appreciate Gabby for representing the USA and Winning Big. That’s all that these other folks need to do as well and leave her hair alone.


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