Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jaime’s called with Bad News

Jaime just informed us that his wife was experiencing a miss carriage.  he asked if we all were around. Then he informed us of his wife’s situation. She was experiencing  pain over night so when she got up to use the bathroom.  She Bled,, They both rushed to the hospital He went off to work. She called him with the bad news.

Jaime’s upset, about it but My dad, uncle and Aunt are talking to him (now). In reference to the Bible (as usual), but as well as about other things to keep him level headed as well because my brother sounds upset.  It makes me want to cry thinking about it.  I pray that they both are comforted.

Understanding where his & Her heads may be at this time. I pray for He and his wife and that God allow them to have children in the future.

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