Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Thoughts Friday Morning Edition


Sitting here thinking of designing Championship Belts In Relation to the Marching Bands & HBCU Conferences. Cool Idea. I got to figure out how to make that happen.

Bathing is a Healer, Although I just got thru Taking a shower. But I do feel better today than I did yesterday,.

I’ve been taking my Blood Pressure, It’s been pretty Normal IMO. I think i would have done better by doing it Right and Every MORNING rather than at random times though.

I Pray to God that what ever this condition is that I become totally healed,  I will be okay in the name of JESUS!.

Twitter has me Blogging like this. I was just in the tub thinking about blogging so I had to come here. I need head to bed though I haven’t been yet. I must get some things done. Sleep Right, Eat Right and GET RIGHT! i don’t want this to continue to for life ya know.

Not My Blog, My Medical Issue. but I’ll be alright.

Things I should have blogged about. but didn’t.

  • The Hubig’s Fire.. I only “Mentioned” It
  • Should’ve posted More pictures of my 9th Ward Walk
  • The FAMU situation and updates
  • The Recent Mass Shootings
  • What’s Been Happening in Wrestling (Mainly WWE)
  • My Brother’s Visit .. well technically i did but not really
  • Same as my HS reunion Shindig .. <—LOL at “Shindig” I don’t use that word but i had to, thinking about my boy John Taylor LOL!

That’s just a few of my Misses because I’ve ben occupied with Cityville which folks are angry that i keep sending  them  request. I told them to block the app and it won’t come. they don't listen. LOL!

I’ve Entered more random Sweepstakes over the month.

I was thinking of doing a Photo A Day kind of thing, but then again Nah.. I’ll make some things happen in the future. I got to get better first.

I'll start doing those High Existence questions soon.. hopefully.

I’ll Blog when I wake up.. Hopefully from the best dream ever!. lol

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