Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not Evacuating

Well I’m with my fam and we haven’t really made plans. My Sister And Her son’s at her job, My Older sister and her family Left for Georgia and My Brother’s in Alexandria. We haven’t checked on my aunts and uncles nor my grandma. But I guess she’ll be fine. Same as the folks on ,my mom’s side.

I hope everyone is safe in this city honestly. for Us, Although we’re packed to leave. we may just ride it out.  It’s wild cause it’s near pretty much the same week Katrina hit to the dates. It amazes me because although we reflect on that experience a lot. There’s nothing like Being or GETTING  Prepared for The Next one.

For us..Arguments and things are bound to happen between my parents due to their moods at this time, yet I’m hopeful that we’ll ride this out and things will be fine. Flooding is a problem yet still we should be fine.

I just hope to feel better physically after this month. which as nothing to do with anything I said above but I had to say it.

We were thinking about Houston but they’re trying to detour people from what I hear. Crazy right..

Awaiting Isaac 2012


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