Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Riding this thing out

About 30 Minutes ago I went to run out and video. The power's going on and off but we're prepared to ride this thing out. I'm feeling good, this is gonna be an experience. LOL!  Hopefully our power doesn't go out for long (as in days.) I'll try to keep my posting in the blog, I may even have to do it from my phone. I'd rather blog it than tweet it, ya feel me!.  LOL!

7 years since Katrina and  4 Since Gustav. Looking at the weather, I think we're gonna be good.
We Tied down the gates outside earlier too.  Debris is flying around already.. we have 3 huge tree's near us, as long as they don't fall and The junk next door doesn't fly right.. LOL we gon be alright.

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