Saturday, September 29, 2012

It’s a totally different environment.

It’s amazing to meet with Leaders in the community whether political or honest Citizen. I found it great to see new and young leaders stepping up and showing out of their communities. The Great part is that they’re all doing it because they want to See change and make things better.

The Voices of the youth are young and hungry I see it. I hope they all can come out winners someday.  I had a chance to meet a few of those leaders, it’s a great thing whether it’s competition or not. All of these people are great in their own way.  Even though I personally disagree with many of the things some of them may bring to the table, it’s always great to hear them out. It would be nice if the community got a chance to see these people in action on average.

Although I’m only Observing without saying much. I think it’s a beautiful thing to get involved. I Personally have a lot in my head that I think would do people good. but I’m not a great speaker or writer to express myself  publically in that manner. <--- you probably read that and said “You gotta be kidding me” Right?! lol well look at all my Grammatical errors in this piece LOL!

I Personally though, don’t say much because I don’t have anything to back me up. Just imagine if I ran for something…wow I’d get attacked like crazy.

I had lots to say but I’ll leave it here. 

Lastly,  it would be more amazing if we as citizens decide to vote to bring on great change for the better.

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