Sunday, October 07, 2012

I Damaged My Lens

While In Jeanerette today, I damaged my Lens, as the battle was ending, like a dummy I didn’t put my lens cap on and BOOM.. I hit the edge of a gate.. The Damage has already upset me and I can see the affects its already had.

I’m also upset that my secondary battery did not work. yet I opened it and the new charger for NOTHING.  Everything’s going wrong. I wrote on my Facebook page that when things like this happen, you gotta take chances.  Long story short. I spent all my funds (that I’m really not supposed) to use on a New and more expensive lens. at this point, I’m good though because at the end of the day I’ll make that money back.

Aside from all that I had a good time despite what I had on my facebook page. Thanks to Qui for deleting that. It was funny yet also humiliating.  I got 5000 Facebook friends. those who believed what they saw are CRAZY.  I’m not homophobic but I aint gay neither.

I’m glad to have gotten to see all of those folks though. Great conversations too.  Glad to see B Live again. LOL! “Breeze” lol kool man just cool!

I’m done.

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