Friday, November 23, 2012

Big Day Ahead!

My Brother and His wife came in town for Thanksgiving. today was a pretty cool day alhough i didn’t do much. Aiside from that, I avoided a few friends because There was a parade and folks wanted me to go.. I didn't need to. I have The BOTB to cover.  My Health is Deteriorating,.  I think I’m gong to spend the next Month going in and out of the hospital checking on my whole spine. because its too much that is wrong I need a good appointment really.

What I didn’t do was talk to My Girl. and It’s been said that basically they don’t want that to happen. but honestly I do want her to be my girl for a while. I mean hey i could only ask for a friend ya know. Hadn’t had a girl friend since i was 19 really. I just want to make it work.. therefore I’m shouting into the darkness! to get this out of my head.

I’m just glad we’re throwing everything out there now. because later on. it wont be anything.  got to have acceptance about things even if you don’t like it. it’s one of those things.

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