Monday, November 26, 2012

My Bayou Classic Weekend was fun.

The Photo Above is a Screenshot from the video I of the Battle of the bands which I recorded It’s on my Youtube Page. I saw a lot of people i know or knew from the Jukebox & Grambling. Crazy thing is, many of them were nupes. I saw a lot of old faces, many for the last time. It’s cool to do this bayou classic thing.

I even met a crazy Lady who believed that she was one of the Trumpets of Hope from the 7th Seal at Revelations 8. She harassed Me & Gerard and even members and directors of SU’s band. It was so crazy because she said she was discovered by someone from Southern and needed the Human Jukebox’s help to get heard again. I never got her name but I do have her picture.

The Woman To your Right is Lots wife in the flesh. LOL! She was like Revelations 8 and Ezekiel 5:17  is what she represents. she had a whole back story about being a beacon of hope. after that that I only can remember in bits and pieces because she talked about africa and tribes and who she was.. she seemed to have mental issues and is probably living in a shelter. or something. I wish her the best at what ever it is she’s trying to do.  I just think its weird that she had to stop me. LOL!

Otherwise There were many other crazy things that  Went on at that Battle. I haven't finished uploading pics But I did upload the video. There are many things I have to say about that too.

There were Folks heckling the band during the drum battle, there was also a guy standing doing nothing at the media line when he should have been told to sit down or move out of the way or something.  because It was a Media line. There’s no time for all that excess noise when you’re trying to record.  Some people should not have for credentials or Field Access.

Here’s a Pic of Anngellica T.  After the battle.  I have one of Seaera and Chauncey too. I wanted to get one of Prentice but i didn’t see her afterwards. I never got a good shot of her ever.

after this year tho I’m done with following these dance teams. because their fans are so ungrateful about the content you give them. LOL!

I appreciate these teams for what they do though reallyt.

My Thoughts on the battle, Both had hits and Misses during the drum battle. Once the bands started playing. it was pretty much killer. Grambling was good, but Southern Out did them once again.  I didn’t attend the game though. I spend the rest of the day with my Brother and his wife who visited the city for the weekend. I thought they’d come to the game or battle but nah they didn’t.

I have somewhere to go in 30min. so I’ll be logging off for now.

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