Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Ride is Over, and I feel like a winner

Although Nolan Marshall Jr. won the seat for OPSB District 7, I believe what we accomplished in Kwame Smith’s camp was a great thing. After spending a number of weeks hitting the streets, We were extremely excited about this race. We were prepared to win and honesty We feel like winners.

1500+ Votes, that's a full neighborhood of parents, and if this man can influence that amount of people coming in unknown, just imagine what he’ll be able to accomplish 4 years from now. and I will be on his side. 

I still think its funny that when we were standing out talking to folks, more folks knew me than him. LOL but over all, God is Good and I personally feel accomplished. As for Kwame. It’s time to get out in to these communities, take note of their concerns and represent them In those many Board meetings that will come about in the future.

I’m OUT!
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