Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I Enjoyed My Birthday | Skyfall was nice!

naomie-harrisCan somebody please hook me up with Naomie Harris, That’s one nice looking woman!

I Enjoyed that movie, Ira thought she was trying to be Halle, i beg to differ, but they do have the same shape. She looks great with that Natural look as well. I think she should play Cleopatra Jones in a Remake.

My Birthday started off great, it ended great. I enjoyed my day with the girl. things are about to change for real knowing i have a significant other.  this should be great. the challenge will be Breathing in her airspace LOL! I think she’s great though.

Prior to seeing Skyfall, we ate out with her family at Landry’s out on the lakefront. I had a good time, its a very expensive place to eat. I actually met her daughter there as well. I think that at this point I must man up to keep up with this woman in my life, really. Chillin’ together is one thing, but How can i make this last?  only a few weeks in and I’m already wondering about the future. I guess it’s where my head is..

as for skyfall, I could watch it over & over again.  .. at this point I must save all my funds.. I’m going to BR to chill with more of her folks. these I know though. crazy right….. yeah..

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