Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It’s more to it than a ring.

The Other day while out with my girl. I asked her basically why does she wear a wedding band. She said it was to let others know that she’s Taken at the moment.  That’s cool and all. but it gave me a chance to speak my mind in regard to how i feel about the rings.

Obviously the rings represent the bonding of the individuals. I personally could care less about a ring. because to me, It’s just symbolic and that I feel that a spiritual bond is much greater than the bond licensed by man. Weddings are government issued no matter how they are done. The importance of the ring is merely secular. 

There’s also that Promise Ring which is like an engagement ring but just for those who claim they want a consistent relationship. As well as for those who want to appear to be taken.  To me That’s Petty stuff, anybody can get a pair of rings and vow to each other “I won’t cheat” or some junk like that.  What is there to Promise really? If we’re going to commit to each other we don’t need a ring do so.

For Me, A serious relationship should be able to last without any symbolic Bands whether it be a ring, wrist band or rubber band. Even if it’s a marriage.  It’s more to it than a ring. It’s more that holds a relationship together than a ring.  With a bond that’s spiritually connected, no other person should be able to break the bond that you have with the person you love.

I told my Girl that basically that the Union is greater than the Ring. I also told her that I don’t care for the it, nor Promise rings.she then asked basically Would i let my future wife walk around without one on. I told her I would not care.  She’s looking at the fact that some men tend to approach women who are single. and they back away when they see the ring.I understand that . but I told her that basically. My Values are beyond Material things.  no matter what they represent symbolically.

Rings are just what they are, Jewelry. when the time comes, I’ll pay for it. doesn’t mean much without the connection between the parties involved. That’s just how I feel.


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