Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things I’ve done Recently & Need to do.

due to some unnecessary activity with my sim card. I was asked to  make the switch to a brand new one.  I’ll get a free one real soon. I’ll likely go today.

Yesterday I Signed some release forums to a video I recorded which were released to a television show that will be appearing on the OWN Network.  I appreciate having to be able to do this kind of thing. it’s opportunity. the things that I do that my day. I find value in things like that. It would be nice if i were to get a copy too.


just incase there's a zombie apocalypse in the morning. Sam Walton's having a sleep over and there's a reserved spot for you. Walmart sells everything you need to keep the zombies away..

But really though…

Hanging out with my Girlfriend at this point has been a refresher. i let her know that. sometimes I say to much,  yet in those times I feel as if i haven’t said enough. i’ll try to be quiet this time around. lol

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