Friday, May 31, 2013

Reiterated Thoughts on the Landry Walker Issue.


I Threw This Comment  Up On After seeing the article about the Pending Merger.. Apparently Its in the Advocate too. I won’t comment there.

Here’s a Link to the article

My Comment Below:

I was there at the meeting and lots of points were made. all that matters is what's right for the community as a whole. The community wants to keep the schools separate. Yet this would mean that changes would have to be made for the potentially great things that can and will come out of the master plan. The big Issue in this plan is Building space & Money as well as who's in control of it. 

Beyond those discussions were the personal accounts of Experiences by Teachers, Parents and Alumni who expressed their concerns of particular situations. Above All The Landry folks have many reasons & excuses on why Walkers folks shouldn't be on their campus.. for the most part, it circled around Students being talked about like Thugs and Savages. 

Walker's Representatives Countered with the fact that the students currently occupying Both Buildings (extra curricular Kids) are getting along just fine. There are Many Elements though that both parties are not seeing that will contribute to the Good and or Bad of BOTH schools whether Separately or Unified. you have people who are disgruntled by the Merged Logos & names already, such as the woman who read a permission slip saying "Landry-Walker" rather than "Landry High" for a Band Trip that WALKER as its own school was already scheduled to Perform. Yet Walker decided to Allow the Landry kids the Opportunity by performing as a Joint Unit under Both names ..Simple things like that cause more damage because all they're trying to do is see to it that these kids get along.

During My Time in High School. Our bands have performed countless times together Is ONE unit. there was no need to Permit it because we all Shared a common bond, and I believe that Those Performances HELPED Other Students get along MORE with their rival school kids.

Its the Element Outside of the extra curricular activities that you may have to watch out for.. yet if the Music & Sports students are getting along.. That may Influence the other kids to get along just fine with Little to no "Beef" happening around campus.

Over All, Many points were made regarding why the schools don't need to merge. yet one thing I noticed is that Nobody ever said any thing about the Teachers who will be laid off when walker's campus is closed. 

in conclusion. I realize that LANDRY's Folks would be GLAD to accept the walker Kids & Staff If Walkers Name wasn't Plastered Around their campus.. That's basically what THEY are saying. Especially in light that directly after Katrina, Landry was torn down & their kids attended Walker with no problem & no Fight to change that schools name / colors. / values.

Also, The Walker and ACSA folks took action to "Move the Train" or Make the situation work based on a decision that still isn't finalized. Walker did not Come to "TAKE OVER". In fact, They've only taken the proper steps to Unify the names. colors and mascots Just In case this merger does happen. EVEN THEY don't want the Merger they're just doing what They're being asked of by the RSD. All that means is There will be One Less Public School (as a Building Capacity) to Fund. And an Old Time Rivalry Will Be Non Existent.

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