Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I Knew Something was up..

Basically at the end of the day, She’s still doing the same thing, I will drop the ball soon.  All these confrontations with her Ex, the Craigslist  Flings, and her Sick days.. yet she calls me and comes over when she needs me,  While She’s on her escapades, I’m normally in here sleeping. I realized what she does long time ago. I confronted her, you’d think she’d stop. yet she cant stop the urge. She says its for comfort, yet she can’t talk to me about simple things.

The Big Question I, What happens when the thrill is gone? you come back to me? It can’t be that way for me. My moral values are greater than that. It’s just unacceptable to knowingly be in a relationship with a habitual adulterer.  and she gets mad at me for invading her privacy. I’ve been in a relationship since  November.. She’s been  doing what she wants..

When she needs me I won’t answer.. I’ll just tell her I can not. otherwise I will not trap myself in this thing.. I have too much in me to allow that.  Can’t believe the things I see..

Note From The Book

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