Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Few More Windows 8 Apps for Surface

For the first time I Tried an App called Sketchbook Express using a stylus pen, I was able to draw some things, it wasn't easy but I got the hang of it just a little bit. I've only done  2 sketches with it since i downloaded it. But I must say that it's a great one to have for an artist lke myself.. J/K// I suck at drawing now. I haven't excelled in fine arts since high school Especially basic/advanced drawing. After attending NOCCA that seemed to be it, ny skill level was shot. I stuck to Band after that. although i did continue being part of the TAV Program..

Anyway folks, the Images you see are my first *above) and Second Drawings on the app. I

These  aren't masterpieces but they are basically what I came up with on while using the  surface. I will try a tad bit more to make some of this stuff happen. I know that doesn't look that nice. but i tried. I may want to Re-new my skills. lol

On to another app : Asphalt 8: Airborne.. I have had success playing this game It's very popular, I'm kind of as addicted to it as I am with wordament. I've been getting cars and star and raising bars.. the only issie is that, although its popular i have no friends with this app. i end up chasing other folks online lol

Also There's Chalk board.2. you can do similar to Sketchbook but its more limited and aimed at kids, fun to have though. pretty awesome, that is all I have for now

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