Monday, February 10, 2014

Storm Music Playin' Everywhere I go.

The Song of the day Storm Music by Gill Scott heron.

Now that i've gotten used to my surface. I've found some useful tools on the machine as well as a few games i like.  I'm gonna share some of them with you.

Wordament - It's a very addictive game. especially when you're trying to score big but your mind is telling you to move in 4s when there are longer words always present  It can be used via facebook. I use it on Xbox..

Shuffle Party  - Basically Shuffleboard & Bowling it's fun/

Pinball Star - Reminds me of the old xp game. very nice.

PrimeTube - This app is a fully functional Youtube Client with features youtube doesn't directly allow you to do. such as download  what you're watching.

InstaPic / InPic  - An Instagram Client that's fully functional. it has bugs and thinks that can be fixed but it works greatly for the post part.  you can upload download and edit,. its cool it works.

File brick - a file manager for Social Networks, Cloud storage and local PC storage. this app is a Great thing to have because it allows you to connect to the common favorites. Dropbox, Box. youtube. facebook, skydrive.  neighboring PC's . It's a great file  viewer, player. it may not play EVERYTHING but it works.
 Arcnote,  for taking notes  obviously. with voice or  typing I haven't really used it yet but it's cool

There's Common apps i don't need to name and then there's YouVersion Bible, it reads and all but i think i like the android version better. I have  some apps no need to name but they're full of information on science, history. facts. math. news, music,  email. writing things like that.

I wish i could install chrome on here though because it's my favorite browser.

I'll be back later..

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