Thursday, February 20, 2014

That Girl In My Dream

So Last night, I had a dream (Obviously) and  It started like this. It was Myself, Some Girl (Dark Skinned who vaguely resembled my ex)  and a baby, (Light Skinned)  The Dream began with me playing with this baby.. who looked about 1 year old.  As I was playing with this kid.. I asked the girl in the room Who was the baby's mom. because to me, the baby looked familiar. The girl stated that it was her  friend's baby, and that she'll be on her way to come get him soon.

As I continued to play with this child his mother walks in, She was a striking beauty. yet she had somewhat the look and appeal of the average woman in her mid to late 20's.  She came to me and reached for her baby after  we greeted. No Names,. just "baby related stuff". otherwise she began talking about her day with the darkskinned girl.. The Whole time I was just Looking at her...

She Noticed me Looking and asked if I was looking at her..and Although I denied, she was like, "yeah you're watching.." so I was like "Okay, yeah I am. " Then we talked a little, and some stuff about her baby. we traded numbers and that portion of the dream was over.

The Dream continued in Different setting where myself and The her just Her appartment..first with the kid, then without the kid. we were basically talking, and joking around, and when she suggested we watch a movie together   I turned the TV on.. She walked out of the door, I got up from the chair & walked out of the door..  I woke up from the dream.

That left me with the Question : Who was this girl?  I have no clue, Maybe a real person, Maybe a figment of my imagination. But she was a great looking woman, average build, a nice facial structure... eyes, lips .all that.. Her hair wasn't long, in fact it was wrapped or in some kind of bun in this dream.. depending on the part of the dream. None the less she was one fine woman and I was in LOVE LOL!..

So much for that dream because it's over and she doesn't exist ... BUT WHAT IF SHE DOES THOUGH?! LOL!

The only situation this reminds me of that happened in real life was when I was living with my sister. She was watching a baby for a friend. This baby was an infant. When her friend came to pick up this child I happened to be  holding the baby. Mt Sister's  friend was a very nice looking woman. and although I remember her face clearly and her name. I probably wouldn't recognize her if I saw her today due to that situation being 2007.   Maybe I was reliving that situation in my dream and beyond LOL!.

On a Side Note...  I sure wish i could find a girl like the one in my dreams.. lol she was cool!

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