Thursday, February 20, 2014

Something I Dislike About Hardcore Indy Wrestling Fans

WWE 2K14: Antonio Cesaro Render Cutout by ThexRealxBanksThe Hardcore Independant fanbase gets excited when todays former indy circuit wrestlers make an impact in WWE or TNA. The issue I have with that for the most part is. majority of wrestlings superstars got their start somewhere. Every major federation scouted somewhere or had some kind of developmental territory prior to Throwing wrestlers on TV.

WWE had multiple developmental territories prior to NXT & The Performance Center. That includes all the places they scouted as well. at one time WWE was totally influenced by ECW.. Yet McMahon was paying Paul Heyman Heavily to Develop Characters & to stay innovative so that THEY the WWE could eventually use world wide.. they also have has admitted lots of times they're influenced by ROH, Look at the current Talent .. It's just "The Business"

WWE itself was an Independent organization on functioning on NWA's WCW tv show...

WCW ( to Prior NWA) had The Power Plant as well as scouts who circled around the reformed NWA territories because NWA no longer had a national nor world wide TV show.

TNA once used OVW as developmental area / scouting. Prior to that TNA was an Indy in itself. as an NWA territory they had all the talent wanting to be on their National show.

My Point is, that there's no reason to keep giving praise to former Indy talent as if they make the world a better place. Everybody in the biz did not "Tough Enough" their way to national television.

For the folks who get upset at WWE giving contracts to people who have little experience. Altough ROH has a TV show. The way they have always functioned is by basically doing what WWE is currently doing at it's Performance Center. Training talent for their own show. but yall get mad cause WWE does it?

Do yall realize wrestlers like Tito Santana wrestled in the NWA just 3 weeks after he learned to wrestle? That's just how the business works my people!

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