Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014 just hasn't been my year..

So far,. I'm currently recovering from being heavily congested with cold, cough and as I stated to someone of facebook "the Snuffleupagus:"  and although my parade season has been Okay. I got sick in that time frame, only to go through the motions of unnecessary missfortune.

The Good news,
My Videos from parade season were Highlighted our local News Source in a recent article *Here*

I recently took some headshots my sisters friend who's just become a nurse and is graduating from Dillard soon. I didn't charge her anything big, but It's the experience over the money that matters to me.

The Bad News is.. While taking my set down, ended up putting a scratch in the screen of my mom's  $2000.00 Television, yeah she's upset, but I think I'm more upset because I did something so stupid  rather than calling for help as i did while putting it up,

Also. I got some slack from my older brother because he assumes that my facebook postings are bound to get me Killed, simply because i do state my opinions about Music and Entertainers that some people just don't agree with.. All i said was "If you have a college degree you shouldn't listen to lil Boosie" and no doubt lots of people disagreed with that.. All in all I could have been more general stating his brand of music. but still saying that  got me maybe 40 comments on facebook and i got this text from my brother where he tells me I don't need to be on facebooks because i say "borderline" things .. Wrong, I'm just giving my opinions, and people commented..

My brother usually assumes that I'm talking about people personally, which i never do. on facebook.. no doubt i have done it on my blog befiore but none of that stuff would get me killed  I'm not stupid. I know what i'm doing.  We don't live in a world were we all should agree. that's not how it works.  My thoughts are my thoughts and shouldn't be limited to only my mind .. they must be RELEASED! lol

Lastly, Today (yesterday) I was scheduled to do a party and at the very last minuted. they canceled out on me.  This is a reason that i will really have to set up a deposit.  The lady who hired me Would have paid me, but her spouse suggested had already booked someone else without her knowledge until i was already at the place..  So I waited till she got there. I took her pic' and went home. Although she invited me to stay. I decided not to, because I have other things to take care of. Otherwise they're great people, the bar was nice, but I don't drink. why go to a place where I won't really buy what they have to offer. I didn't wanat to just take up space.

I have done family parties where i have to send and or post pictures online and other projects that i need to take care of. hopefully it all works out in the best interest of those who are part of this thing. because right now i'm at a downtime, but I really need to get on the upside of things.

I need to ACT upon my dream and stop remaining idle. it's the only way I can succeed.

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