Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Don Sterling Thing Seems Near Done With

I just want to make note of everything people online via my timelines are doing and saying.  First. My thoughts.  

Kings_Clippers_Basketball_NYOTK_WEB912505Don Sterling's racist views are exactly whats wrong with most of america.  Don himself isn't the problem though. He's just a big part of it. He's a Billionaire with lots of money, he can practically do what he wants, but in this day and age, you can't SAY what you want.

Don's Girlfriend, You can call her smart for Standing up for herself and defending her race & culture in this whole ordeal, but Yet She's not the Victim, Nor is she the Heroine, Why? Because she put herself in a position to be played around with in that way.  Maybe she got tired of hearing him say these things to her constantly so she decided to have this conversation recorded.. I could be wrong, But at the end of the day. The Recording was a great way to expose HIM as well as the Great American Identity crises

As It The American Identity Crisis 

After hearing the recording, and reading up on her.  Here's what I see. You have this Girl, who in a sense has has identity issues herself. apparently her mom was a rape victim. which made life for HER hard because she had to struggle her Identity of being Black & Latina (Mexican). As a grown woman, She decided to Date Older guys for she can live a lavish life among Celebs and whatever.  Because she's her own woman, More power to her, I can't Judge her on that. But it's obvious she decided to Intake as much mental abuse to Submit herself to a man for his Millions & Billions.  That's more than an Identity Crises, That's  how al ot of women think they can get by in the world.  That's Not Kosher..

Sterling Himself, is a Jewish man with Billions of dollars, Who Identifies himself as a "White Man or White Jew" Who's had a history of Racism in his past. and claims it's part of his Culture .... He owns The Clippers Basketball team and Stocks in the NBA. but All that money can't break his comments from this Recording. His Statements  Showed that he has the Mentality of a Slave Master. He wants to be White and he wants Her to Behave and live like a White Woman.. (whatever that means)

 Is he a great man, Maybe, is he a powerful man, maybe. Money can buy anything. Obviously it Bought him a Girlfriend.. Who Submitted herself to him. and he claimed to Look past that as long as she Behave like a White woman and stop doing things that involve black people..Obviously you all heard the Tape, no need to explain,

My Questions are as follows though. Who Recorded this? Did she or did someone tap her phone, Either way It's Scandalous  But I do feel like this all was Intended to be done for the Right Reasons. Also, Who is the Guy who Contacted Sterling regarding this woman God Given Right to take a picture with whomever she wants to? .. THAT GUY IS A COWARD!.

I have nothing too really Bad to say about V. Stiviano,  She IMO Defended Herself, although whiny and passively. I was glad to hear her stand up for herself and tell him basically that You can't her Race away from her. I applaud her for defending her actions because she did nothing wrong.

Along My Timelines

I have seen Articles, Memes and comments about this and the Few things that have gotten to me were the memes regarding the Team "12 years a slave/Clipper"   Or Auction Block and KKK related post. These are black folks posting these things.. and  I think they don't get the fact that Don Sterling Isn't a "White" man and The KKK would have nothing to do with him. because THEY don't like Jewish people.. That was a Joke i didn't get ..

Folks tend to ASSUME that he's "White" based on his skin tone, but they don't do the research.. This man claims he came up in a culture which made him feel a certain way about blacks ... WHY IS THAT? because he came from a Jewish Family who Lived among Whites and hand to Blend In...  Therefore he accomplished that by Identifying with them.. Otherwise Just like Other Jews, he became more successful than the average AMERICAN  white person.

That Moment when you realize "The Jews Run Everything" yeah this is one of those cases.  but that sure is beside the point that this mans Personal Feelings toward black folks Was a LEARNED BEHAVIOR & MINDSET ... Racism is Taught Just like other things of Heritage, Culture and Tradition.. HE was one of the people Hiding behind a White Wall while this woman did anything she could to Live in the Shadow of money..

Identifying her races basically states that She knows who she Is, But Always had a problem fitting in, Therefore she surrounds her selves with anybody with money because it makes her Feel good & Look good doing it..

As for the Clippers..

THEY HAVE JOBS TO DO.. people feel that they should have boycotted the game .. But That would have been Bad for Business, everybody things that it would have hurt Sterling's Pockets to Not have played the game.. NO, it would have hurt the pockets of Fans, Players and Coaches and everybody who went to work that night..  You can't just BOYCOTT everything! ..

I really hope V. Stiviano, can learn from this herself, Following the money can lead you in to dark places. sometimes you have to think beyond your status as a socialite. and Get Real. and i think this time she got Real!.. I ain't mad at her.

It's odd how Something so GREAT can come out of fornicating for Riches. Right?

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