Friday, September 26, 2014

In Retrospect.. or something like that

Last year about this time,  was me going out of my mind. LOL but i'm good today.  Between like May and September of last year I was all Messed up in the head. I was single and i didn't know it.. It was after September  though where i  Reclaimed my singleness.. I realize today that I'm better off now.

It was September 2013 where my Ex met some guy, she married hem 3 months later. Now she's having his baby. I'm happy for her.. because she's getting what she wanted out of life.  the only thing I never understood is why did I have to be the one to get the shaft. No douvbt I was Wrong for looking through her  emails. but dang. In a relationship it's supposed to be 1 on 1 and I didn't feel like the only one. So I made it my duty to find out... Yeah that's not cool. but that's where I felt Trapped. LOL I'm too weak to drop the ball on somebodies life. I liked helping her out and all. I liked her akot.  Maybe I was delusional about some things but on my part I felt good to have a woman to communicate with that wasn't "Just a Friend" or so i thought..  When I realiezed I couldn't control the situation I backed out.  remaining too busy to do things for her/with her.

Well, today, I'm Single. But I'm not Stressing behind a woman.  LOL Today I'm up here thinking about "Silver Linings Playbook" that's why I posted "My Cherie Amour" lol/.   Shame On ,my part. I feel like I have no reason to break from Ira, she's still my facebook friend. I'm still cool with her dad.  She's really not a "Bad person" I think i can get along with her just fine without conflict.

All in all. I love myself. LOL!
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